Managing SEO for Cryptocurrency Sites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a helpful tool for planning and designing the layout of your website to place it in the top results of any search. For instance, if you search for top crypto exchanges, you want your exchange to come up in the top three results. This helps to build up a traffic flow to your website. This placement on a search engine page is called a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position.ย 

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The general objective is to rank on the first page of SERP on all major terms that define your market segment.  

SEO for Cryptocurrency 

In the case of cryptocurrency, considering how new the segment is, all the emphasis is on organic traffic and growth. This means that SEO for crypto sites is more challenging as it is the primary driver of sales and growth. 

Cryptocurrency and its allied technologies have brought about a change in the processing paradigm for payment systems. Trading companies, retailers, and other online vendors are rethinking their business process flow to incorporate crypto payments.  

SEO requires awareness of the cryptocurrency segment and its specialties like brokerage, currency, selling, and trading. These are then paired with the specialized digital marketing strategies commonly used for search engine optimization. 

The Challenge for Cryptocurrency SEO 

Key players in the digital industry have restricted advertising for any cryptocurrency or initial coin offering (ICO). This is where digital marketers working in crypto businesses are challenged, as they cannot create ads or any running campaigns to promote anything related to crypto. 

Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook have also banned crypto and ICO ads due to the frequency of scams and inaccurate information shared. Google also doesn’t run crypto ads. Unconventional platforms like Reddit, Snapchat, and MailChimp also joined the ban. 

In short, to promote your cryptocurrency website, token drop, or anything remotely crypto-related, you will need to do something different, and the standard SEO practices will not work for the crypto industry. 

How to Optimize for Crypto 

Search engine optimization for cryptocurrency demands strategies to push any website up in the hierarchy of SERP results. 

The objective remains the same, but the restrictions make it slightly more challenging to enhance online visibility and drive traffic and buyers. The practical options or tools available are as follows: 

  1. Keyword Research for Crypto

The essential requirement for any SEO process is to identify and shortlist the top keywords the targeted customer base uses when looking for the services they need from your business online.

  1. Optimizing Content 

The website content needs to be assessed (in light of the identified keywords) and modified to include the keywords. The format is then adapted to appeal to physical visitors to the website and search engines. Any cryptocurrency platform should have content that includes keywords relevant to what the website is offering and what users are looking for. 

  1. Redesigning Website Structure

The organization and structure of any web page should be planned in a systematic and logical flow. This is something that pays off well in terms of good search engine optimization practice. This is particularly important for a cryptocurrency site as they are more specialized and have technical information that can confuse regular or novice visitors to the website.  

  1. Building Links 

No SEO process is effective without building backlinks. Effectively built backlinks help to boost website ranking and popularity.